April Trends in Your Produce Department


It’s beginning to look like spring! With a majority of crops in good supply and quality, our sources are telling us that your grocery store is going to be full of delicious fruits and vegetables. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when ordering products for your produce department this month. 

Peddler’s Son has over 30 years of experience providing grocery retailers, restaurants, healthcare providers, and educational institutions with wholesale produce. With 54,000 square feet of warehouse and over 30 trucks feeding all of Arizona, we’ve got our finger on the pulse of the produce market. Read our article below to learn what you should expect this month in your produce department. 

The Price of Eggplants is Trending Down

While the quality and supply of eggplants are in good standing, there is a low demand for the vegetable. As a result, this is putting pressure on the cost and shifting price in grocery stores.

Berries Will Be Tight This Month

Due to the recent weather and Easter holiday, berry supplies will be extremely tight out of Mexico. Prices for blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries are trending up and growers don’t expect the market to come down for at least a few more weeks in April. 

Comparatively, strawberries are running slightly low this week. Supplies are winding down in Central Mexico and Florida, while California was impacted by rain and hail. Additionally, there was a lot of pressure on demand due to the Easter holiday. Now that the weather is forecasted to improve, pricing is expected to improve by next week.

Fluctuating Weather is Leading to Poor Carrot Supplies

Due to extremely cold temperatures, jumbo carrot supplies will be close to nonexistent for three to four weeks. Table carrots out of Arizona, California, and Georgia show greater opportunity but still face some supply issues. It’s also important to note the weather fluctuation is causing cello carrots to crack, thus stunting the product’s growth. 

Corn is in Limbo for Another Few Weeks

Corn hasn’t changed since our last update. Production is at a standstill due to the inclement weather over the last few months. This has led to a lower supply and quality that will be available in your produce department. However, it’s important to note production in California is projected to start in a couple of weeks. This development may affect the availability and quality in late April/early May.

Lime Availability and Quality Remains a Concern

Veracruz and large portions of Mexico are experiencing significant amounts of rain, resulting in quality and supply issues. This will have an impact on limes arriving at the border for the next week. Additionally, holy week ended on April 3rd, meaning growers are back to harvesting crops. We’re expecting to see a steady stream of limes in the produce department by mid-next week.

Peddler’s Son Excellence in Wholesale Produce 

Peddler’s Son has provided Arizona businesses with quality wholesale produce for over 30 years. We are committed to customer service, quality, and honest pricing to ensure our customers get the best products and provisions possible. As a family-owned wholesale produce distributor, we provide our services to everyone from the produce department to the hospital cafeteria. No matter your industry, Peddler’s Son is here for you! Contact us today and learn what a partnership with us can mean for your business.

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