Product Spotlight- Mama Lola’s Tortillas


At Peddler’s Son, we continue to highlight exceptional local business partners with who we have had the pleasure of building relationships throughout the years in Arizona. This time we are featuring Mama Lola’s Tortillas, an exquisite Mexican food product company delivering the finest and most authentic food experience in the Southwest — one tortilla at a time. Learn more about this remarkable company who we are proud to call a member of the Peddler’s Son family.

Mama Lola’s Tortillas

Dating back 34 years, Mama Lola’s story started in a small tortilleria with a simple goal in mind: to provide exceptional quality tortillas using only the freshest and finest natural ingredients. With the company’s founders believing that delicious recipes can still be delivered without overcomplicating things, Mama Lola’s sets forth clean, transparent ingredients that customers can trust and appreciate. 

As Mama Lola’s success carries on, they continue to evolve their business and expand their product line from their signature flour and corn tortillas to now add wheat, spinach, tomato basil, and chocolate among many more selections.

Product Highlights:

Corn Products

With a gluten-free selection that ranges from yellow, white, and even organic blue corn tortillas, Mama Lola’s corn products indulge in a simple mixture of water and lime in order to preserve the exquisite taste and freshness they’ve been known for. These choices can be used for homestyle chips, enchiladas, or tacos with an additional choice of Mini Ranchera for ‘street’ style tacos. 

Pressed Tortillas

The most versatile line of products comes in the form of Mama Lola’s pressed tortillas. Not only because of the variety of dishes that they can be used in, but also because of the variety and uniqueness of their selections. Mama Lola’s pressed tortillas come in traditional, whole wheat, tomato basil, spinach, chocolate, margarina, and masarina. As they are able to be used for burritos, quesadillas, wraps, and even desserts, Mama Lola’s pressed tortillas provide an option for everyone.

Hand-Stretched Tortillas

Another line of products that can be used for various dishes is the hand-stretched tortillas. These fluffy tortillas can be used for burritos, tacos, quesadillas, wraps, and gorditas. Selections range from the traditional to more distinguished styles like ‘cruda’, which is slightly cooked. Giving the appearance and taste of raw flour to the ‘quemada’, this style presents unique and eye-catching toast marks.


Mama Lola’s famous chips present a light, crispy texture that pairs perfectly with salsa, queso, or guacamole. From traditional yellow and white corn chips to rare recipes like authentic stone ground corn chips or premium full grain masa chips, Mama Lola’s has it all. 

Specialty Products

While providing authentic tortillas is Mama Lola’s expertise, their extraordinary selection of products does not stop there. With harina and hojas, Mama Lola’s presents the perfect pair for the Mexican staple of homemade tamales. 

Additionally, Mama Lola’s offers nixtamal, which is partially cooked corn soaked in lime. This specialty product can be ground into masa to make homemade tortillas or tamales, but can also be enjoyed whole.

Last but not least, Mama Lola’s offers the freshest green chiles from New Mexico, adding that extra kick to any dish.

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