Produce Alerts

COVID-19 Impacts

Negative COVID-19 Impacts on the Food Supply Chain

Ripple effects spread across the entire food distribution industry with COVID-19 impacts. Distribution channels have been upended creating food-security risks for vulnerable populations. Food suppliers and distributors, like Peddler’s Son, have faced abrupt challenges due to order cancellations and production setbacks.

Fresh Produce

August 2020 Fresh Produce Distribution Recap

August Fresh Produce Distribution: Fresh produce item alerts never went past six in a single week and good quality was reported among the rest. Things changed for the second half of August though, with California suffering from extreme heatwaves and the East Coast dealing with the repercussions of Hurricane Isaias.

fresh produce

July 2020 Fresh Produce Distribution Recap

July produce distribution: Over 10 commodity items were on high alert during the first three weeks, peaking at 14 items in a single week. But by the end of the month, only six items were on the produce watch alert.

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