3 Ways to Increase Your Hospital’s Cafeteria Revenue with Peddler’s Son

hospital cafeteria food

When you think of hospital cafeteria food, you might picture tan trays with small portions of veggies, a bland-looking entree with a pudding cup in the corner. What if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way? Many hospitals are stepping up their dining experiences to increase revenue. Improving the food served to patients and visitors by offering higher quality dishes presents your cafeteria as a more reputable culinary department. That is why we’ve highlighted a few ways hospitals are restructuring their cafeterias to be more appealing for guests and gain higher sales.

Quality Hospital Cafeteria Food at Reasonable Prices

When you visit a cafeteria in the hospital, you should expect a variety of healthy options. What you might not expect are dishes seen in a trendy restaurant, but why not? Located inside the Aspen Valley Hospital, Castle Creek Cafe serves up many quality dishes, including Shepherd’s Pie and Beef Shawarma. Castle Rock Adventist is another facility that houses a highly regarded cafeteria that prioritizes quality at reasonable prices, such as their glazed duck confit with a side of swiss chard and spätzle for just $9.

While hospitals must adhere to their budgets, they are able to serve these dishes at affordable rates for a couple of reasons.

  1. Restaurants are partly subsidized by the hospital
  2. Prices stay low because they make the food in large volumes
  3. There’s no need to tip the cafeteria staff
  4. They use food distribution partners, like Peddler’s Son, that provides affordable, high-quality foods prime for showcasing

Cafeteria Food from Local Sources

You may have noticed a common trend in the restaurant industry to use ingredients and products that are sourced locally. This even applies to hospital cafeteria food. As healthcare facilities work to provide healthy options, there has been a push for organizations to utilize local resources, such as local distributors and local farmers. Not only does this promote regional economic growth, but studies have shown the fresher the products are, the healthier the food is.

Create a Unique Dining Concept

According to the North American Association of Food Equipment, 76% of patients and residents eat every meal at their hospital or long-term care facility. As a result, many organizations are steering away from the drab cafeteria setting to have a more restaurant feel. Health facilities, such as Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina, decorated their eatery to have a more modern appeal while serving authentic dishes you would not expect to see when you order hospital cafeteria food. 

Bring It Together To Improve Upon Your Revenue

The development of any reputable culinary establishment relies on these features to drive revenue. Incorporating these items not only promotes healthier, affordable options, but drives people away from fast food restaurants and straight to your facility. Transitioning to a more chef-inspired environment has proven to be a more positive influence on cafeteria’s revenue. Using what we’ve discussed could surely push healthcare eateries forward.

Spice Up Your Hospital Cafeteria Food With Peddler’s Son Products

For over 25 years, Peddler’s Son has been one of Arizona’s top food distributors providing quality produce & provisions, service, and delivery. To serve the best food to your customers, you need the best ingredients and products. We work with a variety of schools, hospitals, and restaurants to ensure their meals meet the quality standards of their chefs and customers. Contact us today to learn how our products and services will enhance your dishes.

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