August 2020 Fresh Produce Distribution Recap

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According to weekly reports by National Produce Consultants, August fresh produce distribution was good overall, at least during the first half of the month. Fresh produce item alerts never went past six in a single week and good quality was reported among the rest. Things changed for the second half of August though, with California suffering from extreme heatwaves and the East Coast dealing with the repercussions of Hurricane Isaias. 

Potatoes began their transition to northern states, which heavily impacted quality and supply all month. Low yields on mixed berries continued throughout the month due to California being the primary producer and Mexico’s supply did not start until the last week of August. The biggest issue was of course the California wildfires, adding to the heatwaves the state was experiencing, the wildfires negatively influenced half a dozen fresh produce items. 

Fresh Produce Watch

Affected By CA Wildfires

Broccoli – Brussel Sprouts – Cauliflower – Celery – Iceberg

Affected By Hurricane Isaias

Cucumber – Tomatoes – Summer Squash

Other Issues

Romaine Lettuce (Quality) – Potatoes (Transition) – Limes (Weather) – Chinese Garlic (Import Issues) – Strawberries (Low Yields) – Corn (Weather) – Mixed Berries (Low Yields)

For the full reports, click here.

What to Expect at Your Local Fresh Produce in September

Containing the wildfires in California will be crucial in trying to minimize the impact on not only the food distribution chain but also on the overall environment of the state and preserving its nature. COVID-19 continues to be a major issue in the fresh produce industry as food distribution will have to continue to adjust and adapt now that schools, universities, and restaurants are continuing to reopen across the country. 

Mexico’s helping hand will come a long way in the production of mixed berries as California handles heatwaves and wildfires affecting its production on their end. Finally, new crops for potatoes will be in full swing in the coming weeks helping the low quality of the limited crop available at the moment.

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