July 2020 Fresh Produce Distribution Recap

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Here is your July fresh produce distribution recap. Weekly reports by National Produce Consultants showed two different stories for the month of July. Over 10 commodity items were on high alert during the first three weeks, peaking at 14 items in a single week. But by the end of the month, only six fresh produce items were on watch alert. 

Strawberries, Chinese garlic, and romaine lettuce were the three commodities on high alert all month long due to weather & labor issues, import problems due to COVID-19, and quality issues respectively. Additionally, transition issues affected several fresh produce items including oranges, green beans, bell peppers, potatoes, and asparagus. Overall as summer hits its stride, fresh produce began to be affected but by the end of the month, July produce distribution leveled out showing good quality and supply.

Fresh Produce Watch

Affected By Weather

Strawberries – Brussels Sprouts – Cantaloupe – Honeydew – Corn – Cilantro – Cauliflower – Broccoli

Affected By Transition

Oranges – Green Beans – Bell Peppers – Potatoes – Asparagus

Other Issues

Chinese Garlic (Import) – Romaine Lettuce (Quality) – Celery (Supply Gap) – Mixed Berries (Low Yields)

For the full reports, click here.

What to Expect at Your Local Fresh Produce in August

The transition of potatoes back to the northern states might be an issue throughout the month of August. Both bad quality and supply will be the result given the new crop won’t be taking place for another few weeks. 

Mixed berries will be another item to watch as Mexico’s supply will not be picking back up until mid to late August. This will leave California as the only supplier for mixed berries for the next couple of weeks. 

Supply for both strawberries and romaine lettuce is expected to not improve and Chinese garlic will still face import issues as long as COVID-19 remains. 

Speaking of COVID-19, the food distribution will have to continue to adjust to demand as schools and universities begin to open. This can quickly change if cases surge as is the case with restaurants reopening and closing across the country. 

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