Why Restaurants Need Food Suppliers To Succeed

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A restaurant without food isn’t much of a restaurant at all. Restaurant owners know that at the heart of every delicious dish on the menu is a variety of quality ingredients. This is where food suppliers come in. In order for their business to succeed, they need to find a way to get all the elements of their entrees from the farm, and into their kitchens when they need it.

Since 1988, Peddler’s Son has been a trusted partner in wholesale delivery. Through excellent customer service and attention to detail, we are dedicated to delivering quality food on a reliable schedule. The root of our business is building deep relationships with customers that allow us to fuel your business at a value you expect. Read our blog post below to learn more about why restaurants need food suppliers. 

What is the Role of Food Suppliers?

The role of food suppliers is getting the ingredients a restaurant needs from production to the restaurant’s kitchen.  Most restaurants rely on a team of vendors to keep their customers’ favorite dishes on the table. Wholesale food suppliers, like Peddler’s Son, are a one-stop shop for meat, produce, dry goods, dairy, and even desserts. Instead of restaurants going straight to the dairy farm for their milk or snagging their vegetables from a local market, they can get it all in one place.

How Do Food Suppliers Get Their Food?

There are four steps to the standard restaurant supply chain. Most food, including meat, milk, eggs, grains, and produce, begins at a farm. Next, these food products go into processing. This includes things like portioning into various cuts, packaging, bottling, curing, or drying. After, the resulting products are sold directly to distributors who sell and deliver from a variety of processors directly to their retailers, including restaurants.

Benefits of Having a Supplier

The most obvious benefit of having a food supplier is handing off the responsibility of supply chain management so that the restaurant can focus on cooking delicious dishes. Restaurants can get all of the products that they need in a single order instead of finding a producer for every small element of every menu item. While simplicity is key, there are other advantages of having a food supplier.

  • Save space: Buying directly from a processor may encourage bulk buying to save time, but you can’t buy 100 pounds of frozen beef if your freezer can’t hold it. A food supplier allows for more frequent purchases and saves space.
  • Convenient delivery:  Many food suppliers will deliver directly to you, saving you time and making sure your products stay undamaged and at the right temperature during transportation.
  • Menu inspiration: Seeing what else your food supplier offers may inspire your newest appetizer or give you a sweet idea for a new dessert.
  • Room to expand: When your business grows, certain processors may not be able to accommodate larger order volumes, but food suppliers work with a variety of vendors to get you what you need.
  • More bulk deals: Some suppliers may offer you deals or lower costs for buying large quantities of the products you need. 
  • Consistency of product: The larger suppliers work with large producers that have the capability to grow produce year-round. If your restaurant has strawberry cheesecake on the menu year round, you can’t have strawberries only available in the summer.

Create a Long-Lasting Relationship with Peddler’s Son 

Family-owned and operated since 1988, Peddler’s Son brings you honest pricing, unparalleled customer service, and farm-fresh produce every day. In 30 years, we have learned how to foster and grow our relationships with clients and how to help you build and grow your business. Contact us today to become a customer, and take your business operation to the next level. 

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