How Does Cross-Docking Get Me My Food On Time?


When it comes to the transportation of fresh produce items, keeping a streamlined supply chain is top of mind. Getting food delivered from farms to customers in the least amount of time is essential to keep items fresh and prolong their shelf life. Cross-docking provides many benefits to companies and consumers when it comes to speed and productivity, but what exactly is this method and how does it help get you your food on time?

Below we explain how cross-docking works and why it is essential for fresh produce distribution.

What is Cross-Docking?

In simple terms, cross-docking is an efficient logistic procedure where inbound items from suppliers are received at a dedicated warehouse and immediately transferred to an outbound dock. 

The products can be transported through trucks or trailers and placed on the receiving side of the terminal dock. Once unloaded, they can be transferred to the outbound dock on the other side of the terminal by use of forklifts, conveyor belts, pallet trucks or other means.

After being loaded on the outbound dock, the products can then be transported to their end destination.

Benefits of Cross-Docking

There are many benefits of using the cross-docking method when it comes to fresh produce distribution. Cross-docking greatly reduces the amount of handling products receive during transportation, which minimizes the risk of misplacing, mislabeling, or misnumbering products. 

Additionally, cross-docking reduces the amount of time items are placed in storage making the handling of inventory easier and more efficient. 

Both of these benefits of reducing handling and storage time directly translate into more financial savings too. Having less manpower to monitor everything reduces labor and storage costs. 

Finally, cross-docking greatly reduces shipping times. By making storage time non-existent, minimizing handling, and transferring products immediately after receiving them means customers will get their produce at the right time.

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