Wholesale vs. Retail: What’s the Difference?


Wholesale and retail are words that are very common among consumers, while these words are often used, there can sometimes be confusion when knowing what each word means. As a wholesale food distributor, we explain the process of wholesale and retail and how each fits in the consumer journey. 

What is Wholesale?

Wholesale can be best described as a person or company that sells products in bulk to other businesses. Since wholesalers sell their products in larger quantities, these are often priced at a cheaper cost. The more you buy, the cheaper the order tends to be. You might have heard of the term B2B or B2C before. In this case, B2B refers to wholesale because these are business-to-business transactions. Wholesalers do not sell products to the end-user or customer.

What is Retail?

Retail on the other hand is described as a company that sells directly to consumers, the end-user. The retail business buys certain products or goods from wholesalers and acts as a sort of middleman between wholesalers and consumers. These transactions are also usually in much smaller quantities than those of wholesale transactions. Retailers are considered B2C, business-to-consumer transactions, and are at the end of the supply chain. 

Differences Between Wholesale and Retail

The main difference between wholesale and retail is that wholesalers sell to other companies while retailers sell directly to consumers. Additionally, wholesale transactions are usually in much higher quantities, while retail transactions are generally smaller. 

Peddler’s Son – Trusted Wholesale Delivery

Here at Peddler’s Son, we are a wholesale company that partners with many industries such as restaurants, schools and universities, healthcare facilities, government agencies, hospitality and catering companies. For example, we hold a valuable relationship with our retail partner, AJ’s Fine Foods, while also partnering with fellow wholesalers like  Mama Lola’s Tortillas. No matter the industry or business type, Peddler’s Son is here to bring quality produce and provisions to your business and help it grow. Contact us today to learn more!

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