What to Expect This July in Your Produce Department

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Summer is hot and so is your produce department with delicious favorites in ready supply. However, there are a few items you should be aware of when ordering products for your store. 

Peddler’s Son has over 30 years of experience providing grocery retailers, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and schools with wholesale produce. With 54,000 square feet of warehouse space and over 30 delivery trucks feeding all of Arizona, we’re the go-to source for produce distribution. Read our article below to learn what you can expect this month in your produce department.


While quality is fair, West coast asparagus is in short supply. Prices are capped out in the west where markets have hit $40 FOB. However, East coast supplies are in fairly good supply with a similar level of quality. Be on the lookout for East coast asparagus in your produce department. 


As people prepared for the 4th of July holiday, raspberries saw some pressure on its pricing and supplies. This is due to the high demand for the item as stores ramped up their ad activity. We’re hoping by mid-July raspberries will see some relief.

Brussels Sprouts 

Brussels Sprouts supply and quality continue to be a risk for produce departments. While the item continues to have solid demand, it faces some quality and supply issues. Fortunately, by the end of July, we anticipate they will improve.


Honeydew is in high demand due to customers expecting an array of melon options in their produce department. However, very few honeydews have been grown this season in the desert and even less have been crossing through Nogales. This has resulted in a lower supply and strong pricing is expected to continue over the next few weeks.   


The mushroom industry is facing a labor shortage, as well as cost inflation increasing raw materials. The price increases in freights nationally have also impacted the cost to mushroom producers. Pricing for these products may increase as a result.

Bell Peppers

While pricing for red and yellow bell peppers is increasing, green varieties are trending down. There is a lot of production coming out of Florida, Georgia, the Carolina’s, California, and Mexico. With production in New Jersey soon starting up, there will be a lot of pressure on pricing. 


Prices for Green and Yellow Squash are trending significantly higher this week. While production is strong in a number of states, quality is ranging from poor to fair. Currently, demand is exceeding the squash supply. 

Stock Your Produce Department with Peddler’s Son Wholesale Produce

Peddler’s Son has provided Arizona businesses with quality wholesale produce for over 30 years. We are committed to customer service, quality, and honest pricing to ensure our customers get the best products and provisions possible. As a family-owned wholesale produce distributor, we provide our services to everyone from the produce department to the hospital cafeteria. No matter your industry, Peddler’s Son is here for you! Contact us today and learn what a partnership with us can mean for your business.

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