7 Holiday Restaurant Promotions


With the holiday season upon us, restaurants are getting ready for what is undoubtedly their busiest time of the year. It’s been a rough year for the food service industry, with COVID-19 having a big impact on restaurants. But now, with Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner, restaurants can make up for some of the loss they might have suffered during lockdowns. 

The holidays are a time to be festive, thankful, and a time to do something special for your customers. With plenty of restaurants competing for guests, here are some holiday promotions that will help your restaurant stand out from the competition, making your restaurant the go-to place for the holidays.

Gift Card Promotions 

Gift cards are a great way to gain new customers and also retain your current customers. Offering gift cards during their visits can make for a great last-minute gift for their loved ones. Some gift card promotions can be for a free $20 gift card after spending at least $100 on gift cards, or a free $10 gift card after spending $50. Make sure you have your staff offering these to each and every guest that comes into your restaurant and make the packaging appealing!

Give Back to the Community

Host an event giving back to the less fortunate in your community. You can partner with a charity of your choice and have a portion of the sales go to them. You can also do things such as a toy-drive or a canned-food drive at your restaurant for people to drop off. Giving back is always a great way to bring you and your guest closer together.

Offer Special Catering or Take-Out Options

While the holidays are the busiest time of the year for restaurants, this year people might rather stay home and maintain social distancing. But you can still offer these customers options to enjoy your food. By offering special holiday meals they can enjoy a traditional holiday dinner in the comfort of their own home. You can create a special menu with holiday favorites and can offer curbside pick-up, delivery, or regular take-out. 

Create A Festive Menu

Speaking of holiday meals, make sure you create a festive menu with some holiday favorites for your guests to enjoy. By switching up your menu during this time of year you can create a sense of excitement in the build-up towards the holiday season by offering dishes that are only available for a limited time. 


This is not necessarily a promotion but should be a given during the festive period. Make sure the environment inside your restaurant is welcoming and cheerful for every guest. Don’t just focus on lights on the outside or inside, think of table decorations, music choice, maybe even put holiday favorites on the television screens if you have them. All of this to make the atmosphere as fun and as bright as possible.

Advertise Early

As mentioned earlier, a lot of restaurants will be competing for customer’s attention this holiday season, therefore it is important to start announcing your holiday promotions and specials as soon as possible. Is your restaurant taking reservations? Are you offering a festive menu? Will you be open on the day of the major holidays? 

All of this is vital information that customers will want to know, this way they can already have you in their mind while planning for the holiday period. A good way to advertise your festive promotions is through social media, emails, or even flyers posted on your restaurant to keep people informed and aware.

Treat Your Top Customers

People love to feel appreciated and acknowledged for their business, take this opportunity to give thanks to your top customers by offering them early promotions this holiday season. You can do so by emailing them first about upcoming events, early reservations, or even small gifts such as gift cards or a box of chocolates. All of this will go a long way in showing your appreciation towards the people that support your business.

Holiday Season With Peddler’s Son

While all of these promotions will take you a long way in having a successful holiday, you cannot forget about the main reason these families come into your establishment, the food. This season, make sure you get your produce from one of the leading food distributors in Arizona. 

As a family-owned wholesale produce distributor since 1988, Peddler’s Son is here to help your business grow. We provide exceptional customer service through transparency and integrity and continue to build valuable relationships by supplying Arizona customers with the best quality products. Contact us today to learn more about becoming a customer.

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