Moving Your Business Forward With Food Distribution

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Restaurants, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and so many other businesses rely on food distribution. It’s important to partner with a food distributor if you plan on offering food items. It’s one of the many operations that drive businesses by ensuring they get the food they need to create quality meals. But, more than that, what does a partnership entail?

Peddler’s Son is one of Arizona’s leading food distributors offering businesses incredible wholesale produce, spices, and other items you demand. We partner with a wide range of industry professionals, including those in healthcare, education, catering, hospitality, and restaurants. Additionally, we’ve helped supply grocery stores with fresh produce to keep their store stocked on your favorite fruits and vegetables. We’re industry leaders in on-time delivery and maintaining quality products from the warehouse to your kitchen. Read our blog post below to learn how Peddler’s Son can move your business forward with food distribution.

What is Food Distribution?

Generally, food distribution consists of a variety of companies, organizations, and programs that obtain food from producers, store it in their warehouses, and distribute it to a variety of businesses. Another type of distribution network is foodservice distribution, which facilitates the delivery of food from producers to foodservice operators like restaurants, grocery stores, caterers, and food and beverage managers. 

Additionally, distribution may also include products such as plates, cups, utensils, and napkins.

How Does Food Distribution Work?

As food distributors, it is our responsibility to transport and store food as it travels between producers to foodservice operators. It’s not uncommon to see distributors specialize in certain products like seafood, meat, and produce. Most food distributors are independent, which makes it easy for you to create a supply chain that meets your specific needs. 

Some food distribution professionals purchase directly from producers to fulfill orders. But, they also sell directly to businesses so producers and manufacturers focus on maintaining their products. Essentially, we act as middlemen between you and food producers. 

What’s Driving the Food Distribution Industry Right Now?

Technology, it’s a wonderful tool that’s changing almost every facet of our lives. It’s even redefining how food distributors operate. One example of this is foodservice distribution software, which allows distributors to process, schedule, and track orders. Additionally, it can help manage inventory, process payments, create invoices, and build reports within a single platform. 

Another type of software that’s being used is one that specializes in food traceability. In today’s consumer-conscious world, people are demanding to know where their food comes from. This software does just that by enabling distributors and customers to track the origin and ingredients of their food products. The software is perfect for businesses looking to see if there was any cross-contamination between food products. 

The Benefits of Partnering With a Food Distributor

So now that you know what food distribution is, it’s time to go over some of the benefits. 

  • Marketing and Selling: Food distributors are capable of marketing and selling their products to foodservice operators. In many cases, operators partner with distributors because it eliminates the need to work directly with producers, growers, and manufacturers to obtain products. Additionally, many distributors can provide marketing materials along with their products, which adds tremendous value for their customers.
  • Transportation and Warehousing: As you know, one of the main functions of a food distributor is its delivery system. It allows businesses to outsource their logistics so they can focus on other areas of their business. For example, instead of a restaurant needing to pick up ingredients every morning, they can enlist the expertise of a distributor to deliver the products they need for the day. 
  • Quality Control: Another benefit of food distribution is how it manages the quality of its products. As a foodservice operator, you have a high standard for your ingredients. Why not? It’s the lifeblood of your business. We establish protocols to ensure quality and cleanliness at every stage of our operations. Not to mention, we ensure our products are safe and stay fresh with proper warehousing and distribution procedures. 

Peddler’s Son is Arizona’s Go-To for Food Distribution

Peddler’s Son has provided Arizona businesses with quality wholesale products for over 30 years. We are committed to customer service, quality, and honest pricing to ensure our customers get the best products and provisions possible. 

As a family-owned wholesale produce distributor, we provide our services to everyone from the produce department to the hospital cafeteria. No matter your industry, Peddler’s Son is here for you! Contact us today and learn what a partnership with us can mean for your business.

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