Jump Start Your New Year’s Food Resolutions

New Year's food resolutions

New Year’s is a perfect time to dedicate yourself to making healthier food choices through diligent intention. With a little advanced planning and reminders throughout the year, you are capable of making better food-related decisions that you’ll be proud of. 

Keep reading to get some winning ideas on what food goals to consider committing to this year.

Food Resolutions for the New Year

The following list is for anyone serious about prioritizing their health with food at the center of this year’s goals. 

Start Cooking from Home More Often

Cooking from home more often is a great way to save money and hone your cooking skills. You might take inspiration from your favorite cooking shows, blogs, or chefs. Wherever you find your enthusiasm for cooking, making homemade meals is a deliciously satisfying endeavor.

Choose a Cookbook and Make Every Recipe 

Why not pick out a cookbook collecting dust on your shelf or buy one that you can follow cover to cover? This approach takes discipline, but is exciting when you’ve tried out each and every recipe and learned a wealth of new meals to cook. 

Start Regularly Meal Planning and Prepping

The New Year is the perfect time to get serious about your meal planning and prepping. It may take a little time to invest in organizing your monthly meals and budget, but it’s so worth it. Pretty soon, you’ll become a pro at keeping an organized and predictable flow of various meals coming out of your kitchen. You don’t have to find yourself staring into the fridge with no idea about what to make for dinner. Keeping a spreadsheet or checklist on your phone doesn’t take much effort and will be tremendously helpful.

Learn New Recipes from a Different Culture

If you love eating Thai food, Greek or any other food from a totally different culture, you might want to consider taking those menu favorites home with you and begin making them yourself. Learn a different style of cooking, using different types of kitchen tools, sauces, and methods that are completely foreign to you. Pretty soon, you’ll know just how to whip up some homemade pad thai or baklava when the cravings strike.

Come up with Your Signature Dish

If you don’t already have a signature dish that you are known for, make 2023 the year you have a signature dish or dessert. Try out different ones and see which recipe you really enjoy perfecting and making your own. Take your dish to all the events you’re invited to and start making it something you’re known for and everyone loves partaking in!

Share Your New Bakes with Others

Deciding to be more generous is always a good New Year’s resolution. And that might be best by sharing your meals with others. You might want to prepare some meals to share with your friends, neighbors and work colleagues, and as charitable acts in your community. 

The ideas are nearly endless when it comes to food goals in the New Year. But either way, make sure to prioritize your health and happiness through higher-quality nutrition.

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