How Restaurants Can Level Up This Valentine’s Day

How Restaurants Can Level Up This Valentine's Day

If you’re a restaurant owner, you know the holidays that really draw a crowd, and Valentine’s Day is one of them. In fact, according to the National Restaurant Association, the day of roses and chocolate ranks as the second most popular holiday for dining out just behind Mother’s Day. 

Depending on your customer base, loyalty, marketing and reputation, you could reap big financial benefits on this one night alone. With plenty of competition and financial gains at stake, there are some things you should know about up-ing your game this upcoming Valentine’s Day. 

Restaurant Ideas for Max Earning Potential and Guest Experience

Consider incorporating the following ideas for creating a memorable night for your guests and a more profitable outcome for your restaurant. 

An Extra Special Menu 

You can’t skimp on this aspect of customizing your restaurant for the big night. Give extra attention to each detail of your menu, ensuring your ingredients are fresh and you are prepared for a well-running roll-out of appetizers, main dishes and desserts. Preparation is everything to succeed on Valentine’s night and to secure your reputation as the place to dine for many years to come. Whether you are keeping a simple 3-course or 5-course menu listing, keep it straightforward and mouthwatering from beginning to end. Your menu doesn’t have to be complicated to be a winner. It just needs to be well thought out to delight your guests on their special night. 

Always Have Wine Pairings Available

When selecting the items for your menu, always keep in mind the best wine pairings for each dish option. Couples don’t go out on Valentine’s Day expecting to save money and sip on water all night. It’s expected for restaurants to go all out and for guests to reciprocate in the amount spent. Pushing wine pairings is a great way to boost your food and drink sales. Keep a good selection of mid to high-level wines on hand. 

Don’t Be Shy About Promoting Your Restaurant

It’s fine to save on marketing and promotions on other holidays, as long as it means investing in the second largest dining-out holiday of the year. So, don’t hold back once you have a stellar menu and drink selection, made any extra touches to your dining room or perhaps even hired a live band for the evening. Whatever you decide is best for the big night, make sure you promote what you’re offering on every social media channel, radio, television, billboard, and word of mouth with your regulars.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, take these key tips to fuel the experience of your guests and boost your restaurant’s earning potential. If you’re new in the business, you need to work even harder to establish your restaurant as the go-to place and make the most of every holiday and opportunity to roll in the money.

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