How Hospitals Can Promote and Serve Healthier Food

Healthy Foods for Hospitals

When you think of hospital food, what comes to mind? Banana pudding? Stale bread rolls? Questionable casserole? Probably not anything you’d ever crave after you leave. Hospital food doesn’t have the greatest reputation.

Unfortunately, when you are suffering from an illness or injury, mealtime rarely provides any relief to your discomfort, and may even increase it. But when your medications demand you eat, there’s little you can do but cooperate if you want to get well soon.

Hospitals are also in a difficult position since they have to cater to a large number of people. Keeping food bland helps serve a wide range of individuals. Regardless of the patients who prefer strong spices or variations, hospitals are obligated to serve food that would avoid worsening any medical conditions or causing an immediate bad reaction.

Creative Ways to Have Healthier Hospital Foods 

With this in mind, there are things hospitals can do to ensure healthier foods are served at mealtime. The following are creative ideas to make this happen.

Be Intentional About It

If you are in a position of influential power in your medical community and hospital settings, be intentional about changing the game when it comes to food. Advocate and strategize to rebrand your hospital as one that prioritizes healthier eating. Both food and pharmacological technology are medical interventions essential to a patient’s road to recovery. 

Host a Farmer’s Market 

Show your community and the individuals you serve your new intentions to promote quality foods in your hospital by hosting a farmer’s market. Encourage your food services management and staff to participate and select fresh homegrown foods to incorporate into dishes. Have the menu highlight the seasonal fruits and vegetables chosen from the farmer’s market.

Replace Fast Food with Whole Food 

Fast food – in general, but especially in hospitals – are not in the best interest of the person consuming it. Fast food is known to contain higher amounts of calories and saturated fats, making pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes, obesity, heart disease and other chronic issues even worse. It’s better to provide small marketplace options with whole food items or minimally processed foods available. Supplying an on-site foods market, bakery, or small local eatery with keto-friendly, paleo, gluten-free and vegan food options encourages better health for anyone looking to grab a bite and avoid the negative consequences associated with fast foods. 

Support Local Fresh Food Distributors

Consider doing business with your local fresh foods distributor. These companies are experts at collecting and supplying high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients to feed large quantities of people. You’ll be supporting a local business while supplying better-quality fruits, vegetables and other food items to your hospital. 

Breaking the stereotype of hospital food being unhealthy and unpleasant might start a chain reaction with more effort to revolutionize how food is regarded and implemented in the hospital care setting.

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