How Gen-Z is Changing the Restaurant Industry

Gen-Z Restaurant Industry Trends

Gen-Z is having an undeniable impact on the trajectory of today’s restaurant industry. With more and more tech-driven habits taking over, restaurants are forced to embrace these changes to keep up with competitors and remain viable dining options for younger diners. 

Modern innovations are not going away and the sooner restaurants embrace these trends, the better off they will be long-term. What exactly does the future look like for the restaurant industry? Let’s take a look at what’s trending and how Gen-Z is leading the way!

Gen-Z’s Tech-Driven Restaurant Changes

How food is received and paid for is getting an upgrade and will continue to impact the future of the restaurant experience.

Alcohol Delivery Options

Over 70% of Gen-Zers (ages 21-25) reported an increased likelihood of ordering from restaurants that allowed alcohol to be added to a delivery or takeout order. The option of alcohol delivery was made largely popular during the pandemic as alcohol sales restrictions loosened up to help struggling restaurants survive the lockdowns. Gen-Zers prefer these accommodations to stay in place for the future. Studies show the convenience of grabbing your drinks along with your food appeals more to a younger crowd.

Tableside Tablet to Order and Pay

No more waiters or waitresses? That’s what Gen-Zers are favoring after another poll showed more than half of Gen-Z diners would prefer sitting down at a restaurant that allowed them to order through a tableside tablet and pay the same way. 

The convenience of this method is similar to replacing cashiers with self-checkout lines. It’s clear that Gen-Zers are all about fast and convenient options that put them in the driver’s seat as much as possible. Restaurants are wise to implement these options in their dine-in areas along with traditional waitress/waiter style options to accommodate the change in culture.

Delivery and Takeout

As a general trend, Gen-Zers are opting more for delivery and takeout than any other demographic. Nearly 80% of Gen-Zers are more likely to order from restaurants that allow easy delivery or takeout options. Whether it’s game night with friends or a live stream watch party, there are plenty of reasons for Gen Z-ers to make it a casual night-in with their favorite foods from nearby restaurants.


Robots are getting tasked with the usual human demands when it comes to the restaurant industry. Drones, robots and self-driving cars are the preferred choice for food delivery methods among Gen-Zers and even Millennials. Less human-to-human interaction feels less complicated to this younger demographic and it’s worthy of being embraced by more restaurants. 

Undoubtedly, restaurants are challenged to meet the needs of all age demographics. However, they cannot neglect the tech revolution and how this influences their future success. Implementing accommodations for Gen-Zers would be wise for any food establishment. Tech trends do not go away; they only continue to develop and those that keep up with them have a stronger future in an ever-competitive market. 

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