How Foodservice Delivery Benefits Local Entrepreneurs

How Foodservice Delivery Benefits Local Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs ourselves, Peddler’s Son knows just how important it is to have community support. Our family-owned foodservice delivery company wouldn’t have flourished without the incredible support of our state-wide partners. Thankfully, we are positioned to reciprocate the support by offering our business services to local community entrepreneurs

Small businesses were hit hardest these last few years and there remains an ongoing effort to ‘go local’, especially when supporting family-owned restaurants. It’s why we’re taking time to highlight the importance of supporting our community entrepreneurs through our foodservice delivery.

Local Entrepreneurs’ Success Matters to Us

Starting a business is not something everyone has the guts to do. This is especially true when it comes to the restaurant industry.

Unfortunately, statistics show that a whopping 60 percent of restaurants are likely to fail during their first year and 80 percent within the first five years. Taking into consideration how much the restaurant industry abnormally suffered during lockdowns, supply chain issues, and government restrictions, the issue becomes even more serious. 

Local restaurant entrepreneurs that were hurt the most resulted in temporary and even permanent closures.

Strengthening Our Local Economy

When our community and state suffer economically, we all feel it. We are happy to serve and support our local farmers, restaurant owners, and other entrepreneurs who rely on dependable foodservice companies like ours.

Growing a company through the most challenging times is what sustains our community. Showing local entrepreneurs our support is a major reason we will always continue to help grow domestic brands. Our local economy is worth investing in through doing business with regionally owned restaurants and other community entrepreneurs.

Supporting Community Health

We work with residential farmers to provide restaurants and other foodservice establishments with locally grown fresh produce and ingredients. Using local foods to serve our community members offers numerous health benefits.

The greatest advantage you receive from eating food supplied by local area ranches and farms is the significant quality of nutrients available. Locally grown food tends to be fresher and more dense with nutrients.

Distributing these fresh community foods to our partners helps preserve their freshness and overall quality without losing their nutritional value. We maintain a wide stock of farm-fresh eggs, dairy products, grass-fed meats, seasonal fruits, and vegetables year-round. 

What Local Brands do We Support?

There are several local entrepreneurs we are proud to offer regular foodservice supply to. While the list continues to grow, we’re currently serving the following local Arizona businesses:

Our community depends on local food suppliers who are experienced and knowledgeable of how to connect them with the food they need to stay afloat. Supporting our community through ongoing foodservice needs put us in business several years ago. It has always been a company value that we continue to uphold in our daily operations and ongoing long-term relationships with local markets. 

We encourage everyone to go local and become a regular supporter within your community! 

Peddler’s Son is Arizona’s Top-Quality Food Supplier

Peddler’s Son is the go-to, farm-fresh food supplier for Arizona restaurants, hospitals, schools and more. Family-owned and operated since 1988, Peddler’s Son brings you honest pricing, unparalleled customer service and farm-fresh produce every day. 

We believe in quality and that’s what you’ll get when you rely on us to deliver high-value foods for your favorite dishes. We put our food quality and reliable delivery service first, along with the customers we serve all across the state. 

Do you need reliable, quality fresh foods for your restaurant, school or business? We can help! Contact us today to see how we can get you the food you need delivered fresh and on time!

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