What to Expect This December in Your Produce Department

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The holiday season is upon us and for many, this means more food. Between baking holiday treats and cooking large meals for family and friends, grocery lists are getting longer this time of year. Find out what you can expect in your produce section this December so you can make your grocery list and check it twice.

Peddler’s Son has over 30 years of experience providing grocery retailers, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and schools with wholesale produce. With a 54,000 square foot warehouse and over 30 delivery trucks feeding all of Arizona, we’re the go-to source for produce distribution. 

Broccoli Supply Will Grow In December

Supplies of broccoli were extremely short in the end of November due to plants not reaching maturity level for harvest. As the plants mature in early December, growers are expecting the supply to rise.

Celery Supply Fair and Quality Good

Supplies of celery continue to be lower than usual with higher demand due to the holidays. Supplies are expected to be short until growing transitions to Yuma in mid-December, but the quality is good and expected to remain there through the end of the month.

Corn Prices are Dropping

Prices for corn are trending down this month. While supplies are still tight, growers are looking for better supplies and prices to be available in the month of December, after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Shitake Mushrooms in Short Supply

Due to an uncontrollable rise in the cost of imported shitake logs from China, shitake mushroom supplies will be short this month. Prices will be changing almost weekly as labor shortage and limited freight availability cause long delays to unload shipments at the ports.

Price Drop for Chili Peppers but Jalapeño Supplies are Tight

Prices for chili peppers are trending down this week while jalapeño peppers are at very elevated price levels. Growers in Mexico are expecting tight supplies in jalapeños through January due to the hurricane that hit the area in October.  

Strawberry Harvest is on Schedule

Just like every year, strawberry supplies were tight through November. At the beginning of December, strawberries are expected to pick up out of Mexico and Florida has strawberry plants in the ground that are on schedule for harvest early in the month. 

Stock Your Produce Department with Peddler’s Son Wholesale Produce

Peddler’s Son has provided Arizona businesses with quality wholesale produce for over 30 years. We are committed to customer service, quality, and honest pricing to ensure our customers get the best products and provisions possible. As a family-owned wholesale produce distributor, we provide our services to everyone from the produce department to the hospital cafeteria. No matter your industry, Peddler’s Son is here for you! Contact us today and learn what a partnership with us can mean for your business.

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