Client Spotlight: The Pony Express Cafe


At Peddler’s Son, we value creating and maintaining positive and long-lasting relationships with all our clients. High-quality partnerships are key to what we do every day and how we deliver top-notch food items to our customers across The Grand Canyon State.  The Pony Express Cafe is one such client we are excited to feature in our latest client spotlight. 

Read below and find out why we love working with them and why you should love them too. They truly are a cafe embedded in local history and making us proud to be Arizonans.

About The Pony Express Cafe & A Fun Fact 

The Pony Express Cafe is a unique Arizonan eatery forging its name from local history and creating a cafe experience just as special. In fact, Arizona is home to the last pony express still in operation today! Yep, every January, a 200-mile horseback journey is made with the sole mission of mail delivery. Countless first-class letters are strapped to the horses en route from Holbrook to Scottsdale. 

With The Pony Express Cafe situated at the destination point of this trek, it is fitting that Scottsdale would have a cafe aptly named.  Plus, its purpose and mission are to provide a great place for anyone to sit and relax with amazing food and drink items, even if they weren’t just out delivering mail via horseback.

Strong Coffee & Amazing Sweet and Savory Foods

The quality and taste of their menu items are what keep their daily operations moving fast and keep everyone coming back for more. Do you need a strong coffee to start your day? Covered. Do you need amazing breakfast and lunch items to go with it? Done. 

The Pony Express Cafe uses their love for high-quality food and service to make this place a must-visit for anyone local or stopping by on their travels. They offer hearty breakfast and lunch plates as well as lighter options for those needing a yum-filled bakery snack before hitting the trail again. 

They are known for their consistency of freshness and high taste ratings across all drinks, savory dishes, and local bakery goods available. The Pony Express Cafe makes for a unique experience and one that makes them stand out on the map.

An Ice Cream Stop and Chat Destination

To add to their greatness, The Pony Express Cafe is a hot spot for taking a cold break with their many different ice cream and milkshake flavors. Take a pick from Sea Salt Caramel, Butter Pecan, Dutch Chocolate, and so much more. 

Plus, their cafe environment is down-to-earth and a great place to take a break from the sun and hustle with a good visit with family and friends. We are proud to partner with them and see their thriving business and unique style continue to grow in popularity.

Partner with Peddler’s Son for a Win-Win Relationship

As a successful family-owned and operated company, we see our client’s as an extension of the family values and respect we hold dear. We’ve always got room for more at the table, and we love partnering with local restaurants, educational institutions, healthcare industries, and catering companies. 

We are in the business of making win-win relationships that grow and build over time through reliably delivering all types of high-quality farm-fresh ingredients straight to you.
Contact us today to become a customer, and take your business operation to the next level.

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