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sandwiches with avocados

These Foods Pair Well with Avocados

Who doesn’t love avocados? You’ve seen options for adding guacamole to your order for an additional charge, and isn’t it worth every cent? We’d say so. Avocados have amazing health benefits and should be included in your diet if they are not already high on your priority list when choosing a dish. Not only are they full of beneficial vitamins and minerals, but also highly versatile in the foods they pair well with. 

The flavor of avocados are more neutral and thus complementary with foods rather than being too overpowering or bland. The taste and smell of freshly sliced avocados are neither too strong or weak in both taste and smell. 

Avocado Flavor Profile

Before we dive into the best foods to pair avocados with, it is important to look at their flavor profile. Avocados have a nutty, buttery, and green earthy taste. Its texture is smooth and creamy making it easy to scoop out, slice, or mash-up with other ingredients. For example, guacamole is a classic example of its pairing well with onion, jalapeno, tomatoes, garlic, and lime. 

Foods that Pair well with Avocados

Pairing certain foods with avocados is not only about what tastes best together, but also what vitamins are best absorbed when combined. For example, since avocados are high in healthy fat content, pairing them with fat-soluble vitamins will ensure maximum absorption. 

Here are some foods that go well with avocados:


  • Bacon – salads, burgers, etc.
  • Beef – burgers, tacos, sirloin, etc.
  • Chicken – grilled chicken, sandwiches, salads, etc.
  • Turkey – smoked, sandwiches, etc.
  • Salmon – grilled, sushi, etc.
  • Black Beans – side items
  • Crab – steamed, etc.


  • Grapefruit
  • Mango salsa
  • Limes
  • Strawberries
  • Kiwis


  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes
  • Olives
  • Bell peppers
  • Spinach
  • Zucchini
  • Garlic
  • Cilantro


  • Goat cheese
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Feta cheese
  • Sour cream

Avocados Boost Flavor and Health Quality of Many Dishes

Not only are avocados highly easy to pair for taste and vitamin absorption, but they are truly a healthy food that more dishes would be smart to include. What makes them so great? For starters, avocados are a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory in nature. 

Since they are high in carotenoids, these neuroprotective components protect against the oxidative damage our cells experience. Eating more avocados means increasing your body’s ability to fight off free radicals, improve heart health, cognitive function, and avoid a weakened immune system. The keto diet has increased avocado’s popularity since it is low in carbs and high in healthy fat. Many people opt for avocado to boost their health and wellbeing while being a great addition to their meal.

Avocado trees grow best in warm temperatures, making Mexico a large contributor to our supply of avocados. Many restaurants, schools, and hospitals are seeking food distributors that can offer healthy ingredients for the menu options they create. Avocados are a great way to make any item sell faster and get more business.

Peddler’s Son Has What you Need

Peddler’s Son is the go-to farm-fresh food supplier for Arizona restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more. Family-owned and operated since 1988, Peddler’s Son brings you honest pricing, unparalleled customer service, and farm-fresh produce every day. We believe in quality and that’s what you’ll get when you rely on us to deliver high-value foods for your dishes. We put our food quality and reliable delivery service first along with the customers we serve all across the state. 

Want to combine avocados with any of the above-mentioned pairings? We can help! Contact us today to see how we can help you get the food you need delivered fresh and on-time!

Receiving Produce

What You Need to Do When Receiving Produce

Food deliveries supply restaurants with what they need to keep operating smoothly. Menus may change or the trends of what’s being ordered can fluctuate for various reasons and receiving produce impacts operations. All these changes contribute to the food list ordered and anticipated for delivery. 

So, what do restaurants, schools, hospitals, and other nutritional service providers need to know about receiving their orders? This blog will go into detail about what everyone needs to know when receiving their food orders to ensure a seamless transition between the food delivery trucks and the final food service to those you serve.

Receiving Produce and Other Food Items From Your Distributor

Take note. Here are the most important things all food distributor recipients should know when accepting an order. 

Inspect Food Upon Receiving – To maintain the highest quality food products, a facility must properly inspect food items before receiving them. Should any items be wrong, missing, or damaged, it is your responsibility to raise awareness to your food supplier immediately with the necessary corrections. 

You’ll also want to double-check requested food items before submitting an order, to prevent mistakes.

When to reject a food item -There are many reasons you’ll want to reject a food item from your supplier. For example, food packages should be rejected anytime they contain tears, holes, or punctures. Frozen foods that are not completely frozen are also not worth accepting. Perhaps instead they are partially frozen or have re-frozen crystals on them, reducing their quality and freshness. Reject damaged can products that have rust or severe dents along with items with broken seals, leaking, or signs of pest damage or infestation.

Have your receiving area prepared and ready— On the day your food order arrives do you have enough space to store your cold items? Is your area in need of cleaning? It’s best to have these important factors lined up before taking in large quantities of food. Lacking capacity could compromise the freshness and quality of the fruits and vegetables received.

Many facilities prep ahead of time by throwing out expired items and cleaning the area in preparation for food deliveries. Having a clean and sanitized food storage area keeps the quality of food received fresh and valuable to the customers. 

Maintain Good Team Communication — Anyone responsible for receiving delivery of food orders should be on the same page with regard to health and hygiene. Having a standard receiving procedure that everyone follows, helps keep consistency in what is expected from everyone to uphold the quality of food received and its health in delivery to the customer. 

Good team communication also helps avoid misunderstandings on food inventory.

Choosing an Approved Food Supplier for Regular Deliveries

In order for food to be considered safe, it should be obtained from an approved food supplier. An approved food supplier is one that meets all local, state, and federal laws. Approved food sources must abide by proper food safety practices along with all steps of the food supply chain. It is important to have a food supplier you can trust with timely deliveries and quality food items.

Peddler’s Son Delivers Produce and Much More

Peddler’s Son is the go-to farm-fresh food supplier for Arizona restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more. Family-owned and operated since 1988, Peddler’s Son brings you honest pricing, unparalleled customer service, and farm-fresh produce every day. 
We believe in quality and that’s what you’ll get when you rely on us to deliver high-value foods for your dishes. Want to have quality fresh foods arrive on schedule? We can help! Contact us today to receive your portal login and get started!

Receiving Produce

Blueberries Treat Depression And 3 Other Major Health Problems

The next time you walk past the blueberries at the grocery store; stop yourself and consider the benefits they offer for their price. The fact is, food is medicine and when you opt for the right ones, you can avoid premature disease; prolonging your health span. That alone is worth every penny at the grocery store. Long-term health is an investment and every purchase either adds to your investment or takes away from it.

Blueberries are just one of the many mother-nature prescribed treatments to keep us looking and feeling our best.  So, why not take advantage of it? If the recent pandemic taught us anything, it is how important preventive treatment is by investing in nutritional health and wellbeing. There is no better way to fight for your health and longevity than with the food choices you make every day. 

In this blog, we’ll look at why blueberries are an optimal superfood and what major health problems they help treat.

How Blueberries Help Improve Your Health and Wellbeing

Helps Fight Depression and Poor Mental Health – Beat the blues with this blue food. According to the Psychiatric Times, blueberries are the number one superfood used to alleviate the symptoms of depression. The reason is linked to its powerful effect on the brain. Blueberries trigger neurological responses in the brain. Because of this, they’ve been shown to significantly improve mood and cognition. 

Stronger, healthier bones – Our bones are alive and require certain foods to stay in optimal shape for a lifetime of use. Blueberries are a rich source of iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and vitamin K. Bones require these vitamins and minerals to maintain long-term strength. 

Anti-aging – Healthy skin texture relies heavily on vitamin C for collagen production. Skin damage due to over-exposure to harmful UV rays, pollution, and stress weakens the skin’s defense when lacking proper nutrition to counter its negative effects. Blueberries are a perfect way to keep the skin looking healthy and young. It is an easy way to treat any skin issues from the inside. 

Prevents Heart Disease – What exactly is heart disease? This major health problem is caused by high levels of homocysteine in the body. What causes high amounts of homocysteine? When your diet lacks folate (aka folic acid), vitamin B6, and B12. However, blueberries are high in folate and B-vitamins along with fiber which helps remove the buildup of cholesterol. Do your heart a favor and buy the blueberries and skip the junk food.

Blueberries: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

The amazing thing about eating blueberries and other known superfoods is that it helps both your mind and body feel its best. You can pop one in and instantly do your mind and body a favor. It’s a great way to give yourself what you need and take a proactive role in improving your overall physical and mental health. Making small health changes in your diet is the best way to set yourself up for success in your health while enjoying the natural energy and vibrancy that comes with eating clean.

Peddler’s Son Delivers Blueberries & So Much More

Peddler’s Son is the go-to farm-fresh food supplier for Arizona restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more. Family-owned and operated since 1988, Peddler’s Son brings you honest pricing, unparalleled customer service, and farm-fresh produce every day. We believe in quality and that’s what you’ll get when you rely on us to deliver high-value foods for your dishes. Want to add blueberries to your menu? We can help! Contact us today to receive your portal login and get started!


Client Spotlight: The Pony Express Cafe

At Peddler’s Son, we value creating and maintaining positive and long-lasting relationships with all our clients. High-quality partnerships are key to what we do every day and how we deliver top-notch food items to our customers across The Grand Canyon State.  The Pony Express Cafe is one such client we are excited to feature in our latest client spotlight. 

Read below and find out why we love working with them and why you should love them too. They truly are a cafe embedded in local history and making us proud to be Arizonans.

About The Pony Express Cafe & A Fun Fact 

The Pony Express Cafe is a unique Arizonan eatery forging its name from local history and creating a cafe experience just as special. In fact, Arizona is home to the last pony express still in operation today! Yep, every January, a 200-mile horseback journey is made with the sole mission of mail delivery. Countless first-class letters are strapped to the horses en route from Holbrook to Scottsdale. 

With The Pony Express Cafe situated at the destination point of this trek, it is fitting that Scottsdale would have a cafe aptly named.  Plus, its purpose and mission are to provide a great place for anyone to sit and relax with amazing food and drink items, even if they weren’t just out delivering mail via horseback.

Strong Coffee & Amazing Sweet and Savory Foods

The quality and taste of their menu items are what keep their daily operations moving fast and keep everyone coming back for more. Do you need a strong coffee to start your day? Covered. Do you need amazing breakfast and lunch items to go with it? Done. 

The Pony Express Cafe uses their love for high-quality food and service to make this place a must-visit for anyone local or stopping by on their travels. They offer hearty breakfast and lunch plates as well as lighter options for those needing a yum-filled bakery snack before hitting the trail again. 

They are known for their consistency of freshness and high taste ratings across all drinks, savory dishes, and local bakery goods available. The Pony Express Cafe makes for a unique experience and one that makes them stand out on the map.

An Ice Cream Stop and Chat Destination

To add to their greatness, The Pony Express Cafe is a hot spot for taking a cold break with their many different ice cream and milkshake flavors. Take a pick from Sea Salt Caramel, Butter Pecan, Dutch Chocolate, and so much more. 

Plus, their cafe environment is down-to-earth and a great place to take a break from the sun and hustle with a good visit with family and friends. We are proud to partner with them and see their thriving business and unique style continue to grow in popularity.

Partner with Peddler’s Son for a Win-Win Relationship

As a successful family-owned and operated company, we see our client’s as an extension of the family values and respect we hold dear. We’ve always got room for more at the table, and we love partnering with local restaurants, educational institutions, healthcare industries, and catering companies. 

We are in the business of making win-win relationships that grow and build over time through reliably delivering all types of high-quality farm-fresh ingredients straight to you.
Contact us today to become a customer, and take your business operation to the next level.

Kids Eating School Lunch

What Does it Take to Make a School Lunch?

Schools in Arizona are generally responsible for at least one meal per day, and sometimes even more. Students who eat school lunch and even breakfast at school should feel comfortable knowing that their food is held to a high standard of nutrition. Parents also rely on schools to feed their children food that they trust is safe, fresh, and beneficial for growing young minds and bodies. Read our blog post below to learn more about nutrition in school lunches, and what it takes to make a balanced school meal. 

Meal Planning for Students 

A lot of effort goes into planning school meals as there are component requirements that must be met. In Arizona, component requirements are based on grade and age in order to tailor to what the children may need at certain times in their life. The requirements in Arizona include these food groups:

  • Meat/Meat Alternate
  • Grain
  • Vegetable
  • Fruit
  • Milk 

Along with component requirements, there are also nutrient requirements. Schools must offer meals, that at a minimum, meet the following

  • Weekly average of calories within defined grade groups 
  • Weekly average sodium ranges within defined grade groups 
  • Less than 10% of total calories from saturated fat 
  • Zero grams of trans fat per portion

Smart Snacks for School Lunches

Arizona schools and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) focus on what’s called Smart Snacks. This new standard focuses on meaningful calories from food instead of empty calories. Empty calories are foods and drinks that have no significant nutritional value. Foods that have high sugars, fats, or alcohol content are thought to have a high amount of empty calories. Smart Snacks recommends items like light popcorn, low-fat tortilla chips, granola bars, or fruit cups as examples of alternatives to chocolate cookies, fruit-flavored candies, donuts, and more. These high-calorie, high-sugar items contain large amounts of empty calories compared to the healthier alternatives. 

How should schools think about sourcing food and supplies? 

One key way to make sure school menus are healthy and fresh is something we’ve all heard of before – sourcing locally. It can be hard to find enough suppliers at an affordable price to accommodate acquiring food from each of the food groups, and enough inventory to feed a school. 

To overcome the barriers to learning how to source locally, there are six tips from USDA and Extension Foundation:

  1. Choose one food to start with
  2. Build Relationships
  3. Give a tour, take a tour 
  4. Work with distributors
  5. Collaborate with colleagues
  6. Highlight your efforts 

Sourcing locally helps avoid food that has traveled a great distance or has lost nutritional value by perishing shortly after delivery. Looking at the first tip, you may want to identify a food that you use often that can be sourced locally. If it doesn’t grow through each season, maybe think of a way you could freeze it and use it later in the school year. 

When you become a customer of Peddler’s Son, your worries are taken away since Peddler’s Son’s produce and provisions are sourced from an array of suppliers. Many of these suppliers are local to Arizona. If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for building your school menu, sourcing certain fresh goods, or even sustainable packaging, Peddler’s Son has what you need to make your school nutrition compliant with the state and USDA policies and make delicious meals for Arizona’s youth. 

Peddler’s Son is a Trusted Local Supplier 

Peddler’s Son is the go-to supplier for Arizona restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more. Family-owned and operated since 1988, Peddler’s Son brings you honest pricing, unparalleled customer service, and farm-fresh produce every day. Want to change up your school lunch menu? Contact us today to receive your portal login and get started! 

global agriculture

Current Events and Their Effect on Global Agriculture

Historically, we have witnessed many shortages and surpluses in Global Agriculture over time as a result of current events. We’ve seen shortages due to increased demand, and surpluses as a result of decreased demand. One example that we’ve all witnessed recently is the effect of COVID-19 on toiletries and how major demand caused a massive shortage of supplies. Read our blog post below to learn more about how current events affect global agriculture in terms of food supply and agricultural production. 

What are Sanctions and how do They Affect Global Agriculture? 

To understand how sanctions affect global supply, we need to first understand how imports and exports work. Imports and exports relate to the business activity of selling goods between countries. When a sanction, or ban, is placed on a country, usually as a tool responding to foreign policy changes, it causes a shift in supply. A sanction is a withdrawal of customary trade and financial relations for foreign- and security-policy purposes. As a result of this, a country that is a known producer of a good, say fertilizer, might be unable to conduct trade. This causes buyers (other countries in this instance) to look elsewhere to obtain fertilizer. This could mean that the buying country will face a change in price due to differences in distance, transportation capabilities, or increasing demand for goods as they are competing with other buyers or countries. 

On the other hand, countries that do not have imposed sanctions and are active in free trade could be affected by low production and their buyers will have to go elsewhere. For example, Ukraine is a large producer of fertilizer, wheat, and corn. Since they are dealing with a major crisis, they are not able to produce the same yields as in prior years, causing buyers to have to source from elsewhere and increasing prices on these goods due to less available supply. 

The Future of Food Prices 

As with any global conflict we’ve seen in history, there is typically an effect on global agriculture and a period of economic inflation following the event. During World War I, personal savings increased significantly and were spent soon after the war ended. This was due to rationing common food items and necessities such as meat, coffee, butter, and shoes, so there was less spending. This change in global agriculture then caused an influx of cash into the economy. After the end of World War II, when the caps were lifted in 1946, prices climbed significantly. For example, food prices alone rose 13.8 percent in July after food price controls expired on June 30th.

We see the domino effect of inflation taking place in the current economy which, in turn, increases the prices of goods and services. Looking at food specifically, inflation is increasing because of global events which have affected grocery and dining out prices. The USDA’s Economic Research Service updated its March report predicting a 4.5%-5% rise in food prices this year. This is largely due to the increased costs for farmers to grow and produce crops, transport them, and keep up with growing demand. We can expect to see an upward trend in the coming months as consumers, so paying attention to current events news, and looking at local alternatives could be the way to go. 

Peddler’s Son is a Trusted Local Supplier 

Peddler’s Son is the go-to supplier for Arizona restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more. Family-owned and operated since 1988, Peddler’s Son brings you honest pricing, unparalleled customer service, and farm-fresh produce every day. Want to stay current on market updates that affect produce? Sign up for our newsletter and read about the global agriculture industry every week.

Fuel causes direction in the supply chain

How Do Fuel Prices Affect the Food Supply Chain?

As it has become more and more apparent that fuel prices are rising and causing turmoil amongst commuters, it is important to understand the domino effect that happens as a result of changes in price. We keep hearing about the supply chain, but what does that really mean? What is the true impact on food supply when we are paying more at the pump?

At Peddler’s Son, we provide consistent food delivery with local service, a centralized warehouse, and advanced technologies. Read our blog post below to find out why buying local could help keep costs down. 

What is the supply chain and how does it work? 

The first step in understanding the cause and effect relationship between pricing in one industry and the result it has on another’s supply chain is understanding what a supply chain is. A supply chain in its simplest form is a focus on the core activities within an organization required to convert raw materials or component parts through to finished products or services. A supply chain is typically made up of five parts: 

  • Sourcing – this includes finding suppliers or the source that can provide the needed goods or services to a business. 
  • Procurement – this is when the business or entity acquires products or services. Often companies select suppliers based on existing relationships or on the results of the analysis they have done.
  • Demand Planning – the accuracy of demand comes into play so that supply chain managers can have an accurate number of supplies available to customers. The supply chain organization works with suppliers to ensure they meet projected demand. 
  • Order Fulfillment – this is when the supply chain organization can react to the level of demand, or a business can plan to order more inventory to ensure supplies are produced and available to be purchased. They will either be building or depleting inventory depending on sales volume. 
  • Inventory – this is the physical aspect of the supply chain. Inventory is an asset with the purpose of being sold. Inventory in the supply chain can fall into a few categories including being held for sale, in the production process with the intent to be sold, or in the material’s phase of the production process intended for consumption. 

Why is the food supply chain directly affected by gas prices? 

Thinking specifically about the requirements of the supply chain in the food industry, we must think about the means by which we get our food. One example of a food supply chain is growing produce at a farm. The farmer first plants the seeds, the produce grows, it is harvested from the source, cleaned or processed, packaged for sale, shipped to a destination to be sold, put up for sale, and bought by the consumer before being eaten or cooked into a meal. 

Each part of this theoretical supply chain comes with a multitude of moving parts. The distribution of food is directly affected by high fuel prices. When the cost of gas is high, trucks and other forms of transportation have to adapt by either traveling less of a distance at the same price or increasing the price of the product in order to cover the expense. This affects consumers because they might not be able to purchase what they demand if distribution can’t travel the distance. Or, as we’ve seen in the market today, the price of food increases. In order for distributors to meet the same level or higher demand, they must incur the cost and mark up the final price to avoid a loss. 

As of February 2022, food prices rose by 0.9% to an annualized rate of 7%. Food at home saw the largest increase in the segment, rising 1% in January, while food away from home was up 0.7%. As you can see, the domino effect that we were talking about earlier will then cause higher inflation as a direct result of higher food prices. Consumers will have less disposable income as they are paying more for gas and food. Both of these can be considered necessities, but in order to save money, consumers might consider buying fewer types of food. This can hinder the food industry greatly with decreased demand for many products, making certain suppliers unable to sell their food products. 

Peddler’s Son is a Trusted Arizona Supplier

 Considering buying local? Peddler’s Son is the go-to supplier for Arizona restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more. Family-owned and operated since 1988, Peddler’s Son brings you honest pricing, unparalleled customer service, and farm-fresh produce every day. Contact us today to create your account and order fresh goods.

School Lunch

What Should a Good School Lunch Look Like?

School is a time when children make independent choices about how they socialize, learn, and observe the world around them. But, another important aspect of the day is school lunch. It is here where children’s independent choices come headfirst and are influenced by their friends, family, and popular trends. It’s an important time to encourage them to make good choices when it comes to what they should eat.

Since 1988, Peddler’s Son has been a trusted partner in wholesale delivery. Through excellent customer service and attention to detail, we are dedicated to delivering quality food on a reliable schedule. The root of our business is food service expertise and building deep relationships with customers ranging from those in healthcare and restaurants to schools and catering. Read our blog post below to learn what foods make up a good school lunch. 

Fridge and Freezer Essentials for Good School Lunches

When it comes to serving good quality food for school children, you need to consider each item’s nutritional value. This is especially important for their developing minds and bodies. Here are some staples you should think about serving in your cafeteria dishes. 

  • Eggs: Eggs are an excellent source of protein, but they also provide even more health benefits. This includes high levels of Vitamin B5, B12, and B2, as well as calcium, zinc, and much more!
  • Fruits and vegetables: We don’t think we have to tell you how beneficial eating your fruits and vegetables is, especially for developing children. They’re packed with the nutrients our bodies crave and promote a tremendously healthy lifestyle.
  • Pretzels: In moderation, pretzels can make for a great snack for children. Because most wheat flour is enriched with extra nutrients, pretzels also contain plenty of iron and B vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin, which help our bodies convert food into sugars it uses for energy.
  • Cheese: While you might think cheese is unhealthy, it has a number of benefits including improving oral health, lower risk of heart disease, and more. Read our blog post to learn the full extent of cheese’s benefits.

Good School Lunches Do Not Have…

  • Sweet drinks: Try to avoid sweet drinks such as fruit juices, fruit drinks, cordials, sports drinks, energy drinks, flavored waters, flavored mineral waters, iced teas, and soft drinks. These are high in energy and sugar and can lead to weight gain and poor oral health. 
  • Dried fruit bars and strips: While your child needs to eat fruits and veggies, they should avoid dried varieties. This is because these items are typically low in fiber and high in sugar.
  • “Oven-Baked” Chips: Sure, these chips aren’t fried. But, what they lack in oil, they make up for in salt and fat. Your children should opt for healthier alternatives such as pita chips, pretzels, or crackers. 

How Can a Food Distribution Service Improve a School Lunch?

It’s pretty simple. When a school partners with a local food distributor they can enjoy fresh food items such as fruit and vegetables, as well as grocery provisions like crackers, dairy items, and more. Eating fresh is always better as they typically contain more nutrients than our body requires. Plus, they can also taste better which means children will be more likely to eat them. 

Peddler’s Son is Arizona’s Premier Food Distribution Partner

Family-owned and operated since 1988, Peddler’s Son brings you honest pricing, unparalleled customer service, and farm-fresh produce every day. In 30 years, we have learned how to foster and grow our relationships with clients and how to help you build and grow your business. Contact us today to become a customer, and take your business operations to the next level. 

Host using technology

What New Technology is Changing Food Service?

In the kitchen, at every table, and even before the customer ever enters the restaurant, technology is an essential part of the dining experience and how restaurants operate. From the cooks to the clientele and the CEO to the servers, there are digital solutions that impact every aspect of a business. Technology is constantly innovating food service, making running a restaurant easier, faster, and more profitable than ever before. 

Since 1988, Peddler’s Son has been a trusted partner in wholesale delivery. While the wholesale produce industry is lacking in tech, we strive to be progressive. We use our route optimization software to help increase the visibility of our delivery process from start to finish. The root of our business is building our customers’ trust, allowing us to fuel your business at a value you expect. Read our blog post below to learn more about new food service technology that should be on every restaurant’s menu. 

Technology in The Kitchen

Technology is used to automate many systems that once took time and energy from restaurant owners and employees. One example is ensuring that food and equipment are up to par. Many restaurants have started utilizing Bluetooth temperature monitoring systems to be alerted if any temperatures are beyond their acceptable Bluetooth temperature monitoring systems threshold. These Bluetooth sensors can also wirelessly record temperature readings in a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point log to control food safety protocols without needing employees to manually enter reports. 

Automation in the kitchen overall has been gaining popularity. As of 2019, 22 percent of food manufacturers had implemented advanced automation systems. In some cases, robots are even being used for food processing or cleaning systems. These automatons are important with labor shortage concerns and a rising need for efficiency.

Staff Management Technology

Training new staff and scheduling employees can be time-consuming for restaurant managers, but new tech makes staff management more efficient. Virtual reality onboarding allows new hires to utilize software to take a facility tour, watch other employees, or test what they have learned in workplace simulations. First tested by Honeygrow, VR onboarding is shown to prepare workers faster and more adequately for their jobs, while reducing the cost of employee training.  

Software is also available to help restaurateurs with scheduling. Managers can generate and distribute digital schedules while accounting for employee availability, time off, and shift swapping. Technology can also help to reduce staffing costs over time by monitoring sales and ensuring maximum profitability. 

Benefits of Having a Supplier

There are also many emerging and growing technologies that get customers directly involved. These can improve customer experience, reduce staffing requirements, and make restaurant management more effective.

  • Tabletop tablets: Table tablets have been a popular point of sale technology for a while, but they are continuing to improve and make dramatic differences in the ordering process. Tabletop tech can allow customers to browse the menu, create customized orders, and pay for their meals entirely on their own.
  • Reservation manager:  Long wait times are a major source of customer dissatisfaction at restaurants. Reservation management software allows potential customers to make reservations directly. Certain platforms might also make suggestions for seating arrangements and give customers accurate wait times. 
  • Mobile apps: Most consumers have smartphones and are constantly interacting with them. Food delivery app revenue more than doubled amid the pandemic, and mobile apps are a great way for restaurants to get in on the delivery trend. Mobile apps can also be used to offer exclusive promotions and provide menu information.  

Experience Wholesale Delivery Technology with Peddler’s Son 

Each Peddler’s Son truck is tracked as it leaves our warehouse to the moment it makes its way to your facility. Each truck is enhanced with GPS software to track your order in real-time to make sure that you get your products on time and with simplicity. In 30 years, we have learned how to foster and grow our relationships with clients and how to use our technology to help you build and grow your business. Contact us today to become a customer, and take your business operation to the next level. 

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