March 21, 2022

School Lunch

What Should a Good School Lunch Look Like?

School is a time when children make independent choices about how they socialize, learn, and observe the world around them. But, another important aspect of the day is school lunch. It is here where children’s independent choices come headfirst and are influenced by their friends, family, and popular trends. It’s an important time to encourage them to make good choices when it comes to what they should eat.

Since 1988, Peddler’s Son has been a trusted partner in wholesale delivery. Through excellent customer service and attention to detail, we are dedicated to delivering quality food on a reliable schedule. The root of our business is food service expertise and building deep relationships with customers ranging from those in healthcare and restaurants to schools and catering. Read our blog post below to learn what foods make up a good school lunch. 

Fridge and Freezer Essentials for Good School Lunches

When it comes to serving good quality food for school children, you need to consider each item’s nutritional value. This is especially important for their developing minds and bodies. Here are some staples you should think about serving in your cafeteria dishes. 

  • Eggs: Eggs are an excellent source of protein, but they also provide even more health benefits. This includes high levels of Vitamin B5, B12, and B2, as well as calcium, zinc, and much more!
  • Fruits and vegetables: We don’t think we have to tell you how beneficial eating your fruits and vegetables is, especially for developing children. They’re packed with the nutrients our bodies crave and promote a tremendously healthy lifestyle.
  • Pretzels: In moderation, pretzels can make for a great snack for children. Because most wheat flour is enriched with extra nutrients, pretzels also contain plenty of iron and B vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin, which help our bodies convert food into sugars it uses for energy.
  • Cheese: While you might think cheese is unhealthy, it has a number of benefits including improving oral health, lower risk of heart disease, and more. Read our blog post to learn the full extent of cheese’s benefits.

Good School Lunches Do Not Have…

  • Sweet drinks: Try to avoid sweet drinks such as fruit juices, fruit drinks, cordials, sports drinks, energy drinks, flavored waters, flavored mineral waters, iced teas, and soft drinks. These are high in energy and sugar and can lead to weight gain and poor oral health. 
  • Dried fruit bars and strips: While your child needs to eat fruits and veggies, they should avoid dried varieties. This is because these items are typically low in fiber and high in sugar.
  • “Oven-Baked” Chips: Sure, these chips aren’t fried. But, what they lack in oil, they make up for in salt and fat. Your children should opt for healthier alternatives such as pita chips, pretzels, or crackers. 

How Can a Food Distribution Service Improve a School Lunch?

It’s pretty simple. When a school partners with a local food distributor they can enjoy fresh food items such as fruit and vegetables, as well as grocery provisions like crackers, dairy items, and more. Eating fresh is always better as they typically contain more nutrients than our body requires. Plus, they can also taste better which means children will be more likely to eat them. 

Peddler’s Son is Arizona’s Premier Food Distribution Partner

Family-owned and operated since 1988, Peddler’s Son brings you honest pricing, unparalleled customer service, and farm-fresh produce every day. In 30 years, we have learned how to foster and grow our relationships with clients and how to help you build and grow your business. Contact us today to become a customer, and take your business operations to the next level. 

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