Avocados in Produce Department

What to Expect This March In Your Produce Department

As warm weather begins to creep back into our days, flowers begin to bud, and the crops we harvest begin to change. Just like the weather, produce and provision trends are changing each month. Read our blog post to find out what to expect in your produce department this March so you can plan accordingly. 

Peddler’s Son has over 30 years of experience providing grocery retailers, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and schools with wholesale produce. Founded on freshness, we bring you the best quality products and provisions with convenient delivery. With quality, integrity, and transparency as the foundation of our distribution, we are the go-to for produce across Arizona.

Avocado Uncertainty 

Officials in the U.S. and Mexico will continue to meet regarding avocado imports. The U.S. restricted avocado imports temporarily in February because of threats made to U.S. officials by Mexican cartel members. Avocado restrictions have been lifted, but you might notice low supplies in grocery stores as imports get back on track. Size, quality, flavor, and availability may be inconsistent. 

Berry Demand Is Falling

With Valentine’s Day behind us, we are seeing demand fall for strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries this month. So far, blackberry and raspberry prices remain steady while blueberry prices begin to decrease. Raspberry yields are up this month, so you can expect your produce department to be stocked. 

Green Bean Yields Remain Low

With freezing temperatures occurring in Florida, green bean yields are not expected to pick up until late Spring. With the lack of supplies coming from Florida, a larger demand is placed on Mexico to meet the needs of Florida’s customers (the East coast). Expect green bean supplies to be low in produce departments in the coming weeks. 

Lack of Workers Create Shipping Problems

With labor difficulties continuing in California, keeping up with carrot demands has been tough. Demand is at a high while supplies remain low. The crops are consistent in size, quality, and flavor but with low staff, packaging and shipping problems arise. We expect these labor problems to end within the next couple of weeks at the earliest.

Onions Remain In High Demand

As forecasted, onion supplies remain tight. The demand for onions dramatically outweighs the supply, and the quality of onions harvested is very low. The shortage and lower-quality of produce is expected to carry on for the foreseeable future. Red onions are the color in the most demand, but all colors face unprecedented demand. 

Squash Prices Are Falling

Prices for both green and yellow squash are on the downward trend this week. Supplies are picking back up after freezing temperatures in Florida. This cold weather has also affected the quality of crops being produced. Squash yields in Mexico are stable and producing high-quality crops. Florida yields are expected to recover within the next few weeks. 

Pineapples Are Great This Season

Now is the time to buy your pineapples! Pineapples are running larger than usual this season and are of high-quality. Volumes are remaining steady and with great taste, what more can you ask for? 

Stock Your Grocery Store with Peddler’s Son Wholesale Produce

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