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4 Important Considerations Before Adopting Food Delivery Services

In today’s on-demand society, people expect their services on time and in good quality. That same mentality goes into food delivery. There are many considerations when choosing to adopt delivery services, but aside from a new level of convenience, what does this mean for your restaurant?

As one of the leading food distribution professionals in Arizona, Peddler’s Son works with a wide range of businesses. Everyone from healthcare facilities and restaurants, to educational institutions and caterers, expects top-notch services from us. Read our blog post below and learn how a food delivery service can help attract and retain a loyal customer base. 

Customers Expect Food Delivery or Takeout as an Option

With new point-of-sale systems, restaurants are stepping up with new ways people can order their food. Everything from kiosks, apps, and even tweeting your order. With an abundant amount of point-of-sale systems, people expect most restaurants to have delivery or takeout as an option. According to On the Line, 34% of customers opt for delivery or take more frequently when the restaurant is capable of doing so. 

Food Delivery is Driven by Millenials

Food delivery services, like DoorDash, GrubHub, and many others; prioritize the millennial demographic as their priority audience. Why? Because they spend the most on prepared food compared to other generations. Millennials live fast-paced lives, making them more apt to eating at quick-service restaurants and opting for delivery or takeout. Additionally, they have a bigger spending power that results in higher requirements, like effortless ordering, instant delivery, simplified checkout, and more. 

To attract and satisfy this demographic, businesses need to adopt new point-of-sale systems to offer food delivery services. 

Technology is Changing Food Delivery

As mentioned above, there are many ways people can order delivery. But, there are also many ways it can be delivered. For example, drones are the new hot technology companies are using to deliver everything from packages and medical supplies, to tools and groceries. Some restaurants have added drones into their delivery service because they reduce the delivery time significantly by avoiding congestion, traffic lights, and flying directly to the customer’s house. 

Another type of technology that is innovating the food delivery industry is self-driving cars and robots. Recently, Starship Technologies partnered with Just Eat to develop a pavement robot to deliver food in the UK. These six-wheeled bots move up to 4 miles per hour and deliver food in a 10-mile radius from the restaurant. The delivery bots use a GPS signal and camera to arrive at their destination and return to the business. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Changed The Industry

The coronavirus has tremendously impacted every aspect of our lives. Lockdowns, restrictions, and work-from-home has been our reality since early 2020. Businesses have shuttered their doors as a result of the pandemic’s effects, with restaurants being one of the hardest hit industries.

To stay afloat and meet the needs of their customers, more restaurants have adopted food delivery and takeout services. This has allowed businesses to provide customers their favorite meals in a safe, socially distant manner that helps stop the spread while still generating revenue for the business. 

Peddler’s Son Food Distribution is the Best in Arizona

For over 25 years, Peddler’s Son has been one of Arizona’s top food distributors providing quality produce & provisions, service, and delivery. To serve the best food to your customers, you need the best ingredients and products. We work with a variety of schools, hospitals, and restaurants to ensure their meals meet the quality standards of their chefs and customers. Contact us today to learn how our products and services will enhance your dishes.

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